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BevMo 2 For 1 Roundup Review Part 1: White Wine


It really pains me to advertise for Beverages & More (especially when I’m not getting paid to do it), but alas, being an employee for them means I end up tasting a lot of their wine. That said, there’s some decent stuff on the 2-for-1 Sale (or the 5 Cent Sale, if you live in California or Arizona) if you know what to look for, and with the sale wrapping up in less than a week on July 8, I figured I’d save you all the trouble of trying to figure out whether or not Wilfred Wong’s gratuitous 90+ point ratings are on the level and lend you a copy of my BevMo Cliff’s Notes, which I’ve been compiling over the last few years.

I’m breaking this thing up into two parts, so congratulations white wine drinkers: I’m starting with you.

Shrimp reviews upcoming.

Shrimp reviews upcoming.

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